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Michael Wolff Presents ‘Hair Unlimited’ – A Book For Charity

Hair Unlimited is a limited edition collectable coffee table book of hairworks with all proceeds going for bowel cancer research at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia. With 154 pages of beautiful black and white beauty and the occasional splashes of colour pages, this book is to create awareness for regular bowel cancer health checks and to raise funds for...
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Giant steps for Bega’s dairy king and his loyal court jester

On the morning of May 18 last year, when Barry Irvin told his adult autistic son about his shock cancer diagnosis, there was poignant silence in the room. The youngest of Irvin and his wife Harriet’s three children, Matthew Irvin cannot speak and has a limited capacity to communicate. The then 27-year-old simply leant forward and gently touched his father’s forehead with his own.

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Saving Detective Breda: surgery team who brought officer back from death

Hurtling through the Lane Cove tunnel late in the afternoon on Australia Day, Dr Emily Granger was almost willing herself to get a speeding ticket. “At the time I actually hoped I would see a police car so I could wave them down and they could drive me in even faster.” The cardiothoracic surgeon never saw a police car and she won’t say what speed she was travelling at in her white SUV Discovery. But after the phone call she had just received, time was of the essence.

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Stomas and J Pouches: Michael Brull’s Brush With His Own Mortality

This week, Buzzfeed ran a story which picked me up and made me smile. It’s about the experiences and Facebook page of Krystal Miller. Miller is a 32-year-old woman with a stoma bag. The reporter largely lets Miller tell her own story, and links to her page, Bag Lady Mama. The article doesn’t quite explain what an ileostomy is, so I will try to (readers will have to bear in mind that I primarily learned about this in a state of very limited sleep and high stress).

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